Systems Integration

2Keys designs and integrates security solutions, and provides knowledge, experience, management and support.

We design and integrate secure authentication and identity attribute architectures for Public, Financial and Commercial sectors domestically and across the globe. Our work is based on a proven track record of success through experience and collaboration. We have a thorough understanding of current-day standards, open source and proprietary security technologies. Our enterprise class approach to mission critical systems can help solve the business and security issues facing our clients.

  • Security solution design - specifically authentication solutions both inside and outside the firewall
  • Cloud security
  • Technical reviews on security products and systems
  • Integration of social media credentials
  • Use case modelling, component modelling, prototype development
  • Usability reviews, analysis and design
  • Requirements analysis
  • Assurance level analysis
  • Security policies and security plans
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Support

Our Systems Integration Services can be engaged independently or as part of the design and deployment of our Professional Services and Managed Security Services offerings.

For more information, please contact 2Keys - President, Commercial Sector