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October 14, 2016

2Keys Invests in Security Operations

(OTTAWA and TORONTO) October 19, 2016 - 2Keys Corporation, a Canadian Information Technology Security Company, announces that it has recently completed the design and build out of its Advanced Threat Analytics Platform (ATAP) and related Service offering. As part of the ATAP Service, 2Keys has invested in certain capabilities that allow 2Keys to better understand the cyber security and threat landscape affecting Canadian entities.

Specifically, Michael Dobson joins 2Keys as Manager of the Office of Technical Threat and Research. Mr. Dobson transitions into this new role from Bell Canada where he served as a Senior Technical Intelligence Analyst. In this role, Mr. Dobson will develop and research current, focused intelligence relating to cyber threats and events directly impacting 2Keys client organizations and their respective business markets. Leveraging our technical and human capabilities, 2Keys will also provide effective and rapid mitigation options and tools to combat or nullify new and existing threats.

The integration of the ATAP Service into the 2Keys Cyber Security business line improves the capabilities of the 2Keys Security Operation Centre and our effectiveness for existing and future clients. Aggregating threat intelligence, real-time event monitoring, vulnerability analysis, and correlation inputs with applied analysis converts large data sets into pertinent, timely and actionable information, positioning 2Keys Cyber Security team to assist clients with their integrity, confidentiality, privacy and availability obligations.

About 2Keys
Founded in 1998 and based in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, 2Keys is a private employee owned company. 2Keys is a national leader in enabling secure digital experiences for Canadian governments, financial institutions and commercial clients. 2Keys designs, deploys and operates Digital Identity Platforms and Cyber Security Platforms through Managed Service and Professional Service engagements. 2Keys engagements focus on integrity, confidentiality, privacy and availability as the best way to protect and enhance digital business value for our clients.

For further information please contact Mike Boyle, VP of Cyber Security.


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