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November 9, 2017

2Keys Corporation receives funding from Small Business Innovation Challenge for Digital Assurance Platform

(OTTAWA and TORONTO) November 9, 2017 - 2Keys Corporation, a Canadian cybersecurity and digital identity company (2Keys), is pleased to announce that it has been awarded funding under the Small Business Innovation Challenge (SBIC) program delivered by Ontario Centres of Excellence on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

Launched in March, SBIC is an integral part of Ontario’s Business Growth Initiative and Ontario’s new economic strategy. Under this exciting new partnership, OCE and the Government of Ontario are helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) launch their innovations from the idea stage to become globally competitive products and services. The SBIC program uses public sector challenges as a platform for inspiring SMEs to develop and test innovative technology solutions.

“SBIC is part of the expanding field of innovation-based procurement, in which the public sector is a first customer of innovation,” says Dr. Tom Corr, President and CEO of OCE. “Innovation-based procurement drives better experiences and value-for-money for all of us as consumers of government services while also driving the creation of high-quality jobs and economic activity in Ontario.”

Together with key partners, 2Keys will work to show how Ontarians could have improved access to government services in the future through secure, user-friendly digital experiences. This project follows the call for submissions around Digital Identity Program problem statement issued by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS).

“We are thrilled to receive this funding as part of the government’s challenge and it will help reinforce our core strength of providing global multi-factor and other security services for the public and private sector,” says John Scott, CEO of 2Keys. “We will show how we can expand our Digital Assurance Platform to be interoperable with other digital economy partners.”

Through SBIC, 2Keys will partner with Interac Association/Acxsys Corporation (“Interac”) to show how Interac’s digital payment network and digital identity capabilities could work with 2Keys’ interoperable standards-based Digital Assurance Platform to deliver a simple, secure and trusted way for Canadians to transact online. This collaboration will highlight each partner’s complementary capabilities in digital identity and managed security services.

“Our collaboration with 2Keys on this challenge shows our commitment to working with leading digital identity partners and government to help solve for digital identification and authentication so that Canadians can better access the digital economy provincially but also nationally and globally,” says Mark O’Connell, President and CEO, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation. “We bring a proven, secure, fast, scalable digital payment network that is trusted and used daily by millions of Canadians and hundreds of financial institutions and other strategic partners. And we are constantly innovating to bring the best digital experiences to Canadians leveraging these assets.”

Identity management is becoming increasingly complex in a digitally connected world and current identity systems need to evolve. Identity theft and fraud are growing and the need for better identity services is critical. Strategic collaboration with various identity partners – government, financial institutions, mobile technology providers, and businesses - can help solve the digital economy’s identification and authentication problem in Canada.

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