We invest in Research + Innovation to increase your ability to reach new customers and expand your services with confidence. We participate in and support Industry and Academic Research in Digital Identity and Access and Cyber Security - not just in technology choices, but in Policy, Process and Operations which is where technology must deliver value.


Cloud/IoT/MSS ready quantum resistant Medium Assurance security appliance to secure digital keys and applications.

Designed Intelligence

We have engaged with NSERC and world class researchers at Dalhousie University to better understand, design and develop autonomous and intelligent systems for modeling and analyzing user behaviours on our applications, services and networks.


Is Distributed Ledger a technology searching for a solution? What use cases can Distributed Ledger solve that traditional databases cannot? What policy / legal framework will govern implementation and operation of Distributed Ledgers? How is Distributed Ledger impacted by Quantum Computing? 2Keys is developing and testing Distributed Ledger proofs of concept and actively following developments in the industry to provide objective advice to our customers on this technology.


Trusted Access and Authorization requires strong, stable and relevant digital identities. We partner with new and existing industry leading identity providers to bring choice, coverage, privacy and security to the use of digital identities as part of our services and transaction strategies for your end users.

proof of concept

As a core part of our ability to keep abreast of technology, market and security trends, 2Keys regularly engages in proofs of concept. Over the last year we have engaged in multiple proofs of concept around open standards mobile authentication, biometric authenticators, identity validation and verification sources, OpenIDConnect, Security Incident Event Monitoring, v2v/v2g, and token services to name a few.

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